Most vehicle crimes are preventable. It can take a thief as little as 10 seconds to steal something from your car. Always take your valuables with you and lock your car when you leave it.

Ensure you close and lock all windows, sunroofs and doors; activate your security alarm before leaving your vehicle.

Even when using your vehicle, keep bags and valuables out of sight and make sure your windows and doors are locked as thieves can lean in and steal your things in a matter of seconds whilst your are stationary or in slow moving traffic.

Take all valuables with you when leaving your vehicles (including navigation systems and stereos).

Use tamper proof screws to secure your number plate.

Try to park in a prominent place which is busy and well-lit. If possible, park close to CCTV.

Fit an approved electronic immobiliser which stops your vehicle from starting or use a steering lock.

When you have to, try to hide valuable items in the boot at the beginning of your journey rather than at the point of leaving your vehicle unattended.

The most common items stolen from vehicles are:

  • Electrical items, laptops, portable navigation units and mobile phones
  • Unattended bags left in view
  • Documents such as disabled badges
  • Number plates
  • Alloy wheels
  • Catalytic converters (part of exhaust system)