Haymills Estate Conservation Area Review

Haymills Estate Conservation Area Review

The Hanger Hill Haymills Estate was first designated a conservation area in 1996 and the documentation relating to the area (Appraisal Document setting out the background and history of the conservation area and Management Plan setting out the rules that householders should follow when planning alterations) was last reviewed in 2008. 

A consultant has been brought in by the Council to review the documentation for all the conservation areas in the Borough including our own. Revised versions of these documents will be produced in the coming months but in the meantime the consultant has addressed two issues. His proposals may be seen in detail in the addendum. The first issue relates to alterations to the front boundaries of properties and is set out on p18* of the document.

In summary, it is proposed that planning permission should be sought for all changes to front boundary treatments, including walls and railings, and not be limited to those over 1m in height (the current requirement). The proposed change would mean that all front walls and railings would need to be designed to be in keeping with the character of the conservation area.

The second issue the consultant considered (on p5-7*) is whether the conservation area should be extended to include Boileau Road.  He concluded that this was not justified because the houses in that road were similar to many other houses in Ealing.

The Council will be undertaking a formal consultation exercise in due course. Meanwhile, if residents have any comments on the proposals please send them to mail@hhera.com and we will pass them onto the Council.


* Please note that the pages in the document are currently unnumbered so the relevant paragraphs are highlighted in the attached version for convenience.'