Haymills Security Patrol

Haymills Security Patrol

A private security patrol service operates on the southern part of the Haymills Estate. The patrol was introduced on 25th February 2020 in direct response to requests from residents to implement security measures to combat the increase of crime in the area.

Following the success of the initial 4-month trial the scheme has subsequently been extended for a further 6 months, and is fully funded by a minority of residents on the patrol route who are committed to improve the safety and security of the Haymills community.

The current patrol operates for 9 hours/7 days a week, and the patrol route covers Audley Road, Beaufort Road, Beaufort Close, Corringway, East Close, Rotherwick Hill and part of Ashbourne Road.

The security patrol scheme is administered and managed by the Haymills Security Management Group (HSMG). Having successfully implemented a partial patrol HSMG is now undertaking a campaign to enlist more subscribers, particularly on the northern part of the Estate which is currently unpatrolled. An increase in the subscriber base will enable HSMG to fund a second patrol car, thus ensuring coverage for the whole Estate.

For further information, or to join the security patrol scheme, residents should contact HSMG directly on haymills.sf@gmail.com.