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Motor Vehicle Safety

Most vehicle crimes are preventable. It can take a thief as little as 10 seconds to steal something from your car. Always take your valuables with you and lock your car when you leave it.

Ensure you close and lock all windows, sunroofs and doors; activate your security alarm before leaving your vehicle.

Even when using your vehicle, keep bags and valuables out of sight and make sure your windows and doors are locked as thieves can lean in and steal your things in a matter of seconds whilst your are stationary or in slow moving traffic.

Take all valuables with you when leaving your vehicles (including navigation systems and stereos).

Use tamper proof screws to secure your number plate.

Try to park in a prominent place which is busy and well-lit. If possible, park close to CCTV.

Fit an approved electronic immobiliser which stops your vehicle from starting or use a steering lock.

When you have to, try to hide valuable items in the boot at the beginning of your journey rather than at the point of leaving your vehicle unattended.

The most common items stolen from vehicles are:
  • Electrical items, laptops, portable navigation units and mobile phones
  • Unattended bags left in view
  • Documents such as disabled badges
  • Number plates
  • Alloy wheels
  • Catalytic converters (part of exhaust system)

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Thank you

Tarun Wasan
Chairman, HHERA

Top 10 security tips for residents from the Hanger Hill Safer Neighbourhood Team and your Neighbourhood Watch Team are below.

HHERA Estate Matters February 2019

A letter has recently been delivered to households on the Haymills Estate about a proposed security patrol scheme in the area. Please see the Chairman's letter, briefing note and FAQs at the link below. Completed scanned copies of the form should be sent to and not to

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Park Royal Hotel

Demolition work on the hotel has been completed with the retained façade shored up on props. Ground works for the new buildings behind the façade and to the west of the site (behind Connell Crescent on the former car park) are currently being carried out. Completion is expected some time in 2019 and the hotel is due to be opened under the Hampton by Hilton brand.

Chatsworth Road – Empty Property

Your committee continues to pursue the Council with a view to their persuading the owner of the property (who lives locally) to resume building works which halted over 5 years ago leaving the site derelict and unsightly.

Ada Lovelace School

The new 1300 pupil school, to be located at the southern end the former Barclays Bank Sports ground on the west side of Hanger Lane opposite the Haymills Estate conservation area received consent at a planning committee meeting in mid-October. Building works are expected to start in early 2019 with the school opening in September 2020. It is currently temporarily located in the William Perkin School, Greenford. The Conservation Panel asked for the new school buildings to be screened by trees from the conservation area because of its modern design which is out of character with the conservation area.

112 Bus Route

TfL consulted in 2016 on rerouting the 112 bus along Madeley Road instead of Uxbridge Road. The main benefit cited would be a slight reduction in travel time to Ealing Broadway. A large number of objections were lodged, primarily from residents living on the road who said that the narrow width and parked cars would lead to gridlock, particularly during rush hours. The long delay in the announcement on the results of the consultation (almost 2 years) suggested that TfL had changed its mind but to the surprise of many local residents it indicated that the change would go ahead, despite the majority consulted being against the proposal, but only after Madeley Road surface had been “upgraded to be suitable for buses”. The timing of this change was specified but upgrading work would start in early 2019. Alterations would also have to be made to the right turn at the southbound Madeley Road/Hanger Lane junction (which has recently been re-signalled) to permit buses to turn right.
Our 2018 AGM was held on Wednesday 25 April at the Church of the Ascension, Beaufort Road, W5. Minutes of the meeting are available at the AGMs link on left.
Look at this video of films created in the 1930s by Alan Dower Blumlein, inventor and electronic engineer, in order to demonstrate stereo sound. He lived at 37 The Ridings where a blue plaque commemorates his life.

Top 10 security tips for residents from the Hanger Hill Safer Neighbourhood Team and your Neighbourhood Watch Team are below.


The 2017 AGM of the Residents' Association took place on Wednesday 17 May at the Church of the Ascension, Beaufort Road, W5.


Our Spring 2017 newsletter is now out. If you have not received your copy please click the "Newsletters" link on the left.


Our Autumn 2016 newsletter is now out. If you have not received your copy please click the "Newsletters" link on the left.


Our Spring 2016 newsletter is now out. If you have not received your copy please click the link on the left. Our 2016 AGM will be held on Wednesday 27 April at 7:30 PM (drinks from 7:15 PM) at the Church of the Ascension, Beaufort Road, W5.


Our Autumn 2015 newsletter is now out. If you have not received your copy please click the link on the left.


As a result of pressure from local residents in Connell Crescent and your residents' association together with the help of our local councillors "no entry for vehicles from 3-7pm" signs have been installed at the entrance to Connell Crescent at Hanger Green. These are designed to prevent rat running traffic avoiding traffic jams on the slip road to the Hanger Lane gyratory during the evening rush hour period. The restriction is now being fully enforced by CCTV following a period of advisory warnings so make sure you are not caught out!


There will be no PlayStreet in Boileau Road during August. The event will restart on Sunday, 20 September with the final one for 2015 on Sunday 18 October.

The next PlayStreet event in Boileau Road will take place on Sunday, 19 July from 2-4 pm. As before, the road closure except for access by residents will extend between the junctions with Golf Road and Hanger Vale Lane.

It is planned that future PlayStreet days will be on the third Sunday of each month.
A trial PlayStreet event will be held in Boileau Road on Sunday May 17th between 2pm and 4pm.

More details are available in the letter at the link below.

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HHERA Annual General Meeting 2015

The 2015 Annual General Meeting of Hanger Hill (East) Residents' Association (HHERA) was held at 7:45 pm on WEDNESDAY 29TH APRIL 2015 at the Church of the Ascension, Beaufort Road, Ealing W5. A full report is available on our AGM pages (click link on left).
If you find a 'Repossession Notice' attached to the front of your house in the morning - don't worry. They appeared overnight on several houses in the area in November 2014 and are a scam. Do not call the number or use the email address shown. You should however inform the Police using the Safer Neighbourhoods team number 020 8721 2947 or by dialling the non-emergency Police number 101.

The 2014 Annual General Meeting of Hanger Hill (East) Residents' Association (HHERA) was held on WEDNESDAY 30TH APRIL 2014 at the Church of the Ascension, Beaufort Road, Ealing. A full report is available on our AGM pages (click link on left).
A plaque to commemorate John Compton, organ builder, was unveiled at 37 Audley Road, W5 on Monday 20 May 2013.

For details of how construction work at the new Vale Lane school will affect the area please click on link to left.

HHERA Annual General Meeting 2012

The 2012 Annual General Meeting of Hanger Hill (East) Residents' Association (HHERA) will be held at 7:45 pm on WEDNESDAY 25TH APRIL 2012 at the Church of the Ascension, Beaufort Road, Ealing W5 (drinks and light refreshments from 7.00 pm)

Full details of the meeting are available on the Annual General Meeting page. Please click on link on left.
Arcadia and Dickens Yard Developments (update -- September 2010)

The Arcadia development was turned down by the Secretary of State in December 2009 following a public inquiry in June/July 2009. The Dickens Yard development is now proceeding following an unsuccessful attempt to challenge the planning process at judicial review earlier in 2010.

More information is available at Save Ealing's Centre's website:

Arcadia and Dickens Yard Developments 2008/9The Dickens Yard planning application was passed by the Council's planning committee on 5 November 2008 despite the objections of a large number of Ealing's residents and heavy criticism from the Government's heritage and design advisers, English Heritage and the Commission on Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE). However, it is still not too late to continue to influence the process. The application has still to be approved by the Mayor of London and it is not too late to write to him. Full details on how to do this may be found at Save Ealing's Centre's website (see below).The latest threat to the centre of Ealing comes from proposals from Glenkerrin to redevelop the Arcadia site along with those for a "bus gyratory" on Haven Green. Although a more modest block of 26 storeys has replaced the 41 storey tower, its proposed "blocky" design is rather reminiscent of the 1960s. Other changes to the remaining blocks are less radical and the development would still remain a high density residential one over the railway lines with no supporting infrastructure such as expanded health or schooling facilities, let alone leisure or culture attractions which would benefit the town centre as a whole. The application for the development (but not the bus scheme) was approved by Ealing's Planning Committee on 17 December and subsequently by the Mayor in January 2009. However, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government has recently called the application in for determination (a highly unusual step). This means that the application will be the subject of a local public inquiry, the timing of which is currently unknown. More information will be made available at Save Ealing's Centre's website:

HHERA NEWS - AUTUMN 2008The latest version of the HHERA News is now available on-line.
Click link on left.ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2008
The Annual General Meeting of the Hanger Hill (East) Residents' Associationwas held on Thursday 24 April 2008 at the Church of the Ascension, Beaufort Road, W5. See HHERA Annual General Meeting webpage for full details of the meeting.


On 10th October 2007, the formation of the Save Ealing's Centre alliance (SEC) was announced. SEC has been formed in response to proposals submitted to the Council by developer Glenkerrin for the rebuilding of a large part of central Ealing.
HHERA has joined the alliance, as we believe it is in the best interest of our members that we are involved in any discussions about this important development. While not opposed to development in principle, HHERA believes it is vital to be involved in discussions on key issues such as trying to secure adequate and forward-looking public transport facilities at Ealing Broadway station and Haven Green which need to be tackled with such a major development as well as in the light of the decision to go ahead with Crossrail. Further information on the Glenkerrin and Dickens Yard proposals is available at Dickens Yard site outlined in redAn up-to-date summary of the current situation on both developments is also availalbe in the HHERA News.
ESTATE MATTERSThe residents' association has also been actively involved in matters that relate to the ongoing, active management of your estate. Details of this work are contained on the HHERA Estate Matters page - click on link on left.
The new website contains a photo gallery that visually demonstrates the extent of the area and types of homes that your resident's association covers. Approximately 1280 households - 887 on the Haymills Estate - are represented by HHERA and we welcome all residents to take an active part in the workings of the Association.

There is no formal subscription for membership of the Association but donations are welcome and necessary to cover the running expenses. £5 per household should be sufficient for normal needs. Please send your donation to The Treasurer, 60 Beaufort Road, Ealing W5 3EA, payable to Hanger Hill (East) Residents' Association.